Want to master copywriting for your business?

My copywriting workshops and online classes are among the most popular in the industry. You (or your team) get instruction on the latest strategies, as well as writing formulas, tip sheets, templates and other tools that make writing riveting copy fast and easy.

The end game, of course, is results. It’s not enough just to write better. You or your team need to know how to strategize and craft marketing messages that get results: more clicks, more conversions, more leads, more sales.

That’s why I teach the “two pillars” of copywriting success: strategy and writing.

Here are the training options:

In-house training

This is where I teach your team high-response copywriting, either at your location or via online webinars. These workshops are highly customized to your specific needs. LEARN MORE >>

Online classes

This is the online version of my acclaimed High-Response Copywriting course. More than just instruction, you also get one-on-one coaching and feedback.

We recently asked Steve to coach us on marketing our business better online. In just six weeks, his advice helped us more than double the amount of qualified leads we were generating with our website. In addition, the follow-up emails and scripts he helped us write brought in two new big clients. Steve’s coaching is easily the best investment in our marketing we’ve ever made.

Brent Haskett

President, North Shore Consulting

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